Continental Risk Improvement
Our Service The Benefits The Specifics

Validation of facts - CRI performs on-site visits, making contact with the occupant whenever possible to verify collected underwriting information.

Account Control - We demonstrate through policyholder contact that you will remain in control of the account. This will minimize the opportunity for policyholder/premium fraud

Increase policy revenue - Each policy serviced will be reviewed to determine policy rating variables and appropriate discount features. Building valuation data will determine if Coverage is within ITV guidelines.

Improvement of Loss Ratios - Within 10 business days of request, CRI will provide a full report of risk conditions and operations, supported by photographs, and a drawing.

Improved Cash Position - Fast report turnaround allows you to accelerate policy issuance, and billing at correct premium levels.

Consistency - Each survey is created, scored and presented in a consistent manner on a countrywide basis.

Competitive Advantage - History has shown that the company with high quality, constant and timely information prevails.

Market Conduct Tests - The information provided by Continental Risk Intelligence will stand up to rigorous scrutiny.

Automation/Records - Through our On-Line report delivery, and optional archive service, we will support your automation capabilities, and simplify your records retention efforts.